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Fun Activities for Children

Fun Days Out

If you fancy going out for the day, a trip to the park or playground is always a popular choice for children; parks are also free and a great way to get your children to exercise whilst having fun too. Children also love going to see the animals they often only see in books or on television at the zoo or the safari park. If you feel like being a bit more cultural, most museums are geared towards a family day out and local libraries often have special events for children. If the weather is nice, go the beach, a great way to spend the day and a chance to run around and have a swim, if you’re brave enough!

Indoor Fun

If it’s rainy and miserable there are plenty of fun activities to do inside. If you’re feeling energetic why not go for a swim or for a run around at an indoor play centre or play barn. At home, get creative with paints and crayons or get involved in the kitchen by doing some cooking together. Government initiatives are actively encouraging parents to involve children in cooking; those who are taught to cook healthy meals as a child are more likely to take an active interest in food later on in life, plus, it’s fun and a great way to spend time together.

Sports and Hobbies

Many communities have ballet, dance, football, swimming and gymnastics classes for young children. These classes are a great way to burn off some energy and an opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills. Playing sport can also teach children valuable life lessons such as how to work well with others, how to play fairly and how to accept defeat.


Reading is an important activity for children to take part in from an early age. Reading, or being read, stories can fuel young children’s imaginations and educate them on a variety of different subjects such as other cultures, animals and the weather for example. Research also suggests that parents who read their children stories at bedtime often form stronger bonds with their children; children who are read stories are also more likely to read throughout their lives.

Role Play

Children love dressing up and pretending to be their favourite action hero or princess; role play is an important part of children’s growth and development in terms of both education and creativity. Children are able to learn about certain situations such as going to the shop or the hairdressers as well as being able to put their own interpretation into practice by choosing how to dress up or using a prop for example. Children also learn to play with other children and subsequently gain social and communication skills, as well as forming bonds and friendships.