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Bringing up children is often considered one of the most challenging tasks an individual can undertake.

Even the most patient person can suffer from stress during parenthood, especially during the early years when everything is relatively new and children develop at such a fast pace.

Despite being a difficult task, most people would agree that looking after a child is also an immensely rewarding experience and one which brings great joy to many, whether they be parents, child minders, family members or friends.

Today there is an abundance of practical advice and guidance for parents and carers, covering everything from how to encourage good behaviour and establish a routine to thinking of games to play together.

The early years of childhood have serious implications for the rest of a person’s life and therefore ensuring children get the best possible start to life is of paramount importance.

The following articles will outline several of the issues relating to early years education including advice and tips for parents, information about working with children and how to ensure children are happy and healthy.